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Walter Clark: Company Profile


Clark Enterprises - Over 30 Years of Entertainment Excellence

Clark Enterprises is committed to providing the fullest possible quantity and the best possible quality of Entertainment service. We are committed to making every show, every engagement, every encounter a win/win experience for customers, partners and management. We are dedicated to constant improvement in all areas conducive to growth. Honesty, integrity and professionalism are our watchwords.


Established in 1982, Clark Enterprises provides Live performances and sound systems for hotels, clubs, weddings, private Parties, and concerts. Full time performance work in the Washington D.C. and Capital Beltway area since 1982 and in most major cities in Japan since 1989. Washington D.C. area venues included:

  • Regular entertainment at former Washington Redskins' quarterback Joe Theismann's Restaurant in Bailey's Crossroads Virginia, 1983-85.
  • Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, a 5 Star hotel in Rockville, Maryland, 1985.
  • Olde Towne Holiday Inn, in Alexandria, Virginia, 1986.
  • Ramada Hotel in Oxon Hill Maryland, 1986-89.

    Japanese performance venues include:


  • The Ritz Carlton, Osaka
  • New Hankyu Hotel, Osaka (Special Christmas Concert, Dec. 24, 1997)
  • Royal Hotel, Osaka
  • Solaria Hotel, Fukuoka.
  • The especially busy year of 2003 included dinner shows, bridal fairs and weddings in the Itami City Hotel, Biwako Royal Hotel, Kyoto ANA Hotel, Osaka Hyatt Regency at Nanko Kita, and a private concert at the Nikko Hotel, Tokyo October 21
  • Shin Kobe Oriental Hotel, Kobe. Dec. 1999 to May 2006 .
  • Four Seasons, Ashiya 2001-2006
  • Ritz Carlton, The Bar 5F 2006-2009
  • The St Regis Hotel, Osaka... appearing here weekly  2010-2013
  • Sandaya Steak house in Kobe weekly since March 2010
  • Pizza Salvatore-The Bar 2F weekly since October 2012
  • Ritz Carlton-The Bar 5F weekly since January 2015

    Complete promotional package, including letters of recommendation are availabe at your request.


    Multimedia Expansion:


  • Beginning in 2000, Clark Enterprises expanded into the multimedia market with several projects, commercials forUniversal Studios Japan, and film narrations for Fujitec International. National television appearance by Mr. Clark on the popular "Ninki Mono" program here.
  • From 2000-2001 Clark also appeared in a TV commercial for Genova jewelry in the Kansai area. In the year 2001, in spite of a rigorous performing schedule, we produced and released our first 2 CD's which featuring live recordings of performances.
  • February 2002 Clark appeared as an actor several times on NHK's series "Sono toki rekishi ga ugoita," roughly translated as "This was a turning point in history."
  • The 2002 year end release of Perfect Love, the first CD to feature Original songs, and to be marketed commercially in Japan.
  • July 2004 Clark Enterprises, in preparation for new CD recording, expands office space and begins re-design of studio.
  • July 2005-February 2006 Clark Enterprises links with BEHRINGER of Japan and agrees to offer & discount their complete line of audio products as a service to English speakers and musicians in Japan.



  • February 2006 Clark Enterprises takes on Japanese management offers Japanese Homepage and begins aggressive campaign of advertisement and promotion of Wedding Services.
  • July 2006 Recording of new CD Many Splendid Things, is complete. Cover jacket design and preparation for pressing first 1000 copies begins. The company begins to focus more on CD production over weddings.
  • August 2006 Many Splendid Things, goes to press and is scheduled for release in September.
  • May 2008 Many Splendid Things, sells out in Japan, goes into a second press and is re-released June 2008.
  • November 2007-2009 The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Osaka, signs Clark to perform in The Bar, and in December 2007 The Bar posts the highest sales record in its 10 year history.
  • November 2010 - May 2012: Clark performs at the St. Regis Hotel in Osaka
  • July 2011 Clark releases latest CD Best Thing to Come
  • September 2011- Many Splendid Things, after a sell out of its second press is remastered in preparation for re-release.
  • December 2012- Best Thing to Come, re-release sells out and a forth press is released featuring more artwork, artist information in Japanese and English, as well as additional remastering of three of the top songs.
  • February 2013 Clark performs songs from Many Splendid Things  on two large stages in the Tokyo area.
  • March 2013- Clark Enterprises forms links with Charter Oak Acoustics   in a bid to bring their high end audio products to a wider clientele in Japan.
  • July 2013- Handmade CD released in Japan
  • October 2014 - Best Thing to Come sells out again and is re-mixed, re-mastered and rereleased (although the rereleased version is not yet available in MP3 or in the current stock of CDs held by distributors.)
  • July 2016 - Many Splendid Things, 10th Anniversary Edition released.