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Posted on December 18, 2013
People say "seeing is believing."
Biggest lie on the planet?BELIEVING is SEEING. Because whatever you believe about yourself you will bring into reality. You do it everyday, but sometimes because beliefs trick the mind, we do it in a negative way.
So examine your negative beliefs, how you got them and determine if they are really true.  And remember, whatever you're telling your \self as a reason why you Can't do things, think of other great men and women with the same or even more obstacles who accomplished great things in life.
We might have some negative belief about ourselves, not necessarily true but because we BELIEVE IT, we make it come to pass.
But if you create and sustain a Positive belief about yourself, you will also make it come to pass.

Holiday Time

Posted on December 8, 2013
Making ready for a gig in Himeji tomorrow.  Its gonna be a blast!  Me and 250 nurses, and most of them will be "up in age."  This is a year-end party or "bonenkai" in Japanese.  A time for people who work together to celebrate the end of another year and bond together for the coming one.
These are the kind of events I'm wanting to do more of...private parties, company parties, events, etc.  Not only is it a huge chance to sell CDs and meet people but its always a pleasure for me, even though it sometimes involves carrying the entire sound system as well as keyboards.  In this case they will supply a grand piano so the bulkiest  piece of gear will already be there.
Contemplating recording this performance as a present to my daughter and family back home.
The 23rd will be the whole nine yards.  A Christmas party, mostly for children at an elite horse club in Osaka.  I'll bring keyboards and the entire sound system but my whole setup is much lighter [...]
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Transformation. The road to freedom.

Posted on August 30, 2013

Late last year I stopped watching the news on tv, but a few weeks ago I turned my couch about 90 degrees away from facing the tv. The amount of progress made in my studies is staggering! — feeling blessed.



Anyway,  the CD just went to production today so I should have it back soon. I'm just getting back to normal after so many events kind of unhinged me, not the best time to make a record, but I wanted to be Completely vulnerable. Actually, I have no idea how it's going to be received or how it sounds.  I just did the best I could to make it better in the sonic department because there was no overdubbing.  Other than that I take it as a learning experience which will pay for itself when some sales it going. 
Plus, met some key people in my search for better recording components and learned a ton about noise reduction.  (Intermittent noise was a big issue in making this record and in some cases ruined some great recordings.)
In the future, I'm going to spend more time developing my technical skills as a pianist and a recordist and not relying so much on my personality because it just feels more authentic as an artist. 

What is it?
Live recordings from January 2012 (not exactly the greatest time of my life and during adverse recording situations, ie a restaurant full of customers and with the piano facing away from them.)
How's it going?
It has taken a long time, obviously, the mixing has been a nightmare because this was recorded with a handheld recorder and not a mixing deck.
The intermittent noises have been extremely difficult and time consuming to edit down or out as this whole field of post production noise reduction is new to me.  Sometimes just editing a few seconds has taken hours, even days!
Where do we stand now?
In post production, refining final mixes...closer to a final product than ever before.
Next time I'll use a mixing recorder and have a much better sound.  
Also my head is in a much better place now.

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