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Walter Clark: Testimonials

Format: Audio CD

Got this from the publisher (cdbaby) and it arrived a few weeks ago. I have to confess that Walter and I were high school classmates but he never solicited me or anything like that. I didn't even know he had cut a few cd's. I am an author and I don't solicit him to read my stuff either. I plan to surprise him with this review. I have to drive a lot and usually I am singing along with Foghat, Foreigner, The Kinks and Deep Purple in my car. My wife and I car pool often and she gets annoyed sometimes at the blasts. I put Many Splendid Things in the CD player on the way home as a surprise and when it started my wife sat up and said, "hey this is very soothing". By the time all the tracks were played she decided it was pretty darn good and "very pleasant". We listened to it every day on the way home. I have a friend who plays jazz piano and he heard it as I was pulling into his portacochere and noticing it was nothing like my usual sound, he asked to borrow it. I have yet to get it back. He gave it to his doctor to play in the waiting room (he hates the doctor's choices) and some of the folks remarked favorably about it according to my friend. I have yet to get the CD back and I am going over to the doctor's office tomorrow and taking it back. I miss it. These are for the most part Walter Clark's renditions and rearrangements of old familiar tunes The first track (Lorraine) is very upbeat and has a "swing" to it. His Tennessee Waltz ending actually made me share the pain of the love loss that must have inspired the original lyricist. While a lot of folks deem it blasphemy to change old favorites in any way; Walter did a great job enhancing rather than losing their timeless charm. It was like hearing old friends who have aged and matured but you still know who they are. When I get it back my wife and I plan on sitting on our lanai and popping a bottle of wine open. While we watch the sun descend into the Pacific and the sky gives way to the Galaxy that special ambiance of the night with the sounds of sweetly ripened, vintage tunes will enhance our shared visit with these old friends courtesy of a very talented classmate. Do yourself a favor and buy these CD's by Walter Clark. Discover a truly unique artist. You are sure to like the broadened personality of some old friends.



5.0 out of 5 stars Just sharing some early reviews that were sent to me on the first week of release:

These reviews is for: Best Thing to Come (MP3 Download)

Best Thing to Come - Walter Clark

First CDBaby review: 

5 stars! 
author: Imani Z! 

I`ve known Walter for a few years now, and the one thing that I know about him more than anything else is he is relentless. He gives his all to anything that he`s involved in and his new CD is no exception. In fact, he really outdid himself. He studied engineering and mastering, and studied again and then studied some more but NEVER lost conscientiousness of the MUSIC! He performs brilliantly on every cut. His arrangements are top notch and his vocals and instrumentation never disappoint. The clarity and warmth of this CD seems to make the music just float on air but never to the point of being considered "elevator music" but instead, because of the arrangements & his excellent musicianship, keeps you on your toes as you will miss something VERY SWEET if you take your ears away for a second. I`m partial to "Destiny" and "Gypsies" but every single tune is done MORE than "well" but excellently. You will not be disappointed in the least. Just buy it and I know you will feel the same way. Respect to you Walter for a very, very fine effort! Can`t wait for the next! IZ 

After this, you may just be the man. Still listening to your CD and it ALWAYS sounds just as good as it did when I listened the first smile.... even WITHOUT the wine..... ha ha ha 

have a good day.... IZ 

It was one hell of a coincidence to me that after I wrote to you yesterday, there was a wonderful surprise awaiting me in my mailbox. I don't need to tell you it was "Best Thing To Come", to which I am listening at this very moment. This thing is DYNAMITE! First of all "Destiny " is so beautiful and well executed it almost made me want to cry. What kind of piano was that? It must've been a full fledged genuine Bosendorfer (or something like that), right? I was just about to say the artwork, especially the cover, is enough to make the cd a success right there. And now I see it was done by June. She's absolutely phenomenal! What magnificent talent! 
...I'm going to keep on listening to the new cd and say more about the songs after I finish. But so far, I hear a magnificent eclectic approach and I hear some pieces (such as tracks 11 and 12, Honesty and Desperado) that must've come truly from your heart, 

Hi Walter, 
How are you? I received the two books and your CD on Monday morning. 
Thank you very much for sending them. I didn't have much time yesterday 
to listen to all of the songs on the CD but what I was able to listen to 
sounded fantastic. Sonically its nice and fat and very well mixed. Your 
voice sounds great. Its nice and clear and very well proportioned in the 
mix. Also all of your arrangements are spectacular. Thank you very much 
for putting my name in the linear notes. Also your sister is very 
talented as well. Her artwork on the front cover is great. I have a few 
questions to ask you concerning various sounds you used on certain tunes 
so after I listen to all of the songs I'll give you a call and bombard 
you with my questions if you don't mind. Thanks again for everything. 
Talk to you soon. 

Hi Walter, 
I'll call you in a few. Everything was fantastic with the CD. I loved 
the arrangements, your voice, and the overall sound quality. Please keep 
on mixing and mastering yourself. 
Thanks again, 

Mike wrote: "Silky Smooth Baby!!!" 

Hey Doll, 
Just a few quick words. I received the CD and am so very proud of you.This something that I always 
knew you were capable. 
I have felt every since I saw you,that your soul had a certain amount of peace.I know it's because 
you let God into your life.Ain't it grand.Stay health,cherish peace of mind,and stay with the Lord. 
Love you 
Hi Walter, 
Neal Yermish commented on your Wall post. 
Neal wrote: "Walt, I loved the CD and I'm waiting for Amazon. I'm still "old school" and like to hold the disk (and copy it onto all my pc's & ipods)" 

More reviews: 
Well, my brother, Walt, I'm still listening to that true masterpiece that is your new CD. Speaking of Amazing, the bass work on #3, Amazing Grace, was certainly amazing. What is that called, sampling an acoustic double bass or what? A great and unique intro and interpretation, so much so that I had begun to doubt whether it would be the same song usually associated with that title. 
#4, Lovely Day. Very spry and upbeat. A "feel good" song to be sure. Simply and refreshingly beautiful! Again, truly hellified bass work too! Sounds like you've got ten live, individual, in-the-flesh musicians with you on that song, and you do a superb job of harmonizing with yourself on the vocals. You even said "Hit it", at the very end of one of the last tags, as though you were talking to other musicians present there with you. Splendid! 

More later as I continue listening. Right now listening to the very touching and very romantic #5, She. 


Walter Clark: Best Thing to Come
Thank you very much for yesterday. Thanks to your songs my birthday was fantastic!!
Really enjoying your CD!!

Mari - Ritz Carlton Hotel, Osaka (May 11, 2008)
To Walter

Thank you for the wonderful music.


Takako - Ritz Carlton Hotel, Osaka (May 4, 2008)
Thank you for singing my request song, "Rainy Days and Mondays."
Your voice is very sweet. It made me come up my sweet memories (include my sad affair.) I'm looking forward to listening to your songs.
Kato - The Bar, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Osaka (May 7, 2008)
We are also happy with your reputation !
We consider to have you at The Bar this late summer.
Is this fine with you, sir ?
The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka - Executive Assistant Manager, Food & Beverage (Mar 8, 2008)
Re: Behringer Discount Services
OH! that's less than I thought. Cool! When I get back from the states, I'll get it from ya'. Thankx ......E!

MAN!!! You are on it!!! That's exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you so much for being on the business! Respect...........IMANI

Producer, Pianist, Singer..... Fukuoka

A TRUE PROFESSIONAL. I love you! more later, Deb

Walt, thanks for the quick and efficient service. When I called you, I was not very hopeful that you could help us in just a day and a half; especially at the prices you offered. In the future, I shall refer all of my chorus groups to you. I am hoping that this is this beginning of a long and profitable relationship. Nathan Ingram III founder and director World Soul Chorus Japan

Greater Tokyo Area

Hey Walter. thankx for getting back as quick as you did. that price is fine and I'll put that in the mail to you tomorrow. Got your mail late today. I'm so glad I got this stuff b-4 they went up on the price. If it hadn't been for you, I'd have been sh#t outta luck!!! Good lookin' out my brutha'!

From: jerone howard 1/18/2006

Re: Perfect Love, the CD the CD is awesome and Let It Be and Honesty are my true favorites~!!!!!! Honesty is definitely YOU talking to your best friend about what you want in a woman/relationship~!!! Let It Be is just an all time favorite of mine and your voice quality adds something to that song like I've never heard before from anyone who has ever recorded it~!!! Now if you have some time on your hands; I would like a CD w/ nothing but Let It Be recorded on it over and over and over and over (well you get the idea) THAT TUNE IS TOTALLY TOTAL~!!!! I kept hitting the replay button in my car; I luv it~!!! it's the kind of song that gets you thru traffic or takes you on a road trip. another song i had a friend record like that is Take It To The Limit by the Eagles.(over and over, etc) I'd stick that tape in the player and drive for centuries and I know I could do the same w/ Let It Be~!! S-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o when time permits; I'd luv to have a single hit CD (Let It Be)............and send me the bill for that one, so i can pay for it since it's a request.~~~~~~ej 5/24/2006 "Its still the only CD I keep in my car. A year later and it still sometimes brings a flood of emotions and tears to my eyes." M. Yamamoto-Ashiya 2/17/04 "Gosh I just have to tell you how I love these cuts! you are really GROOVIN on this album! This one is fun, too! Chie, i heard that! u go grrl! so cute. i am loving this. It's fresh and new. I am so crazy about these cuts! I can't pick a favorite. yet. cause they're all good! I love Chie's disco cut. I'm so glad you were able to share your work with her. She carries a tune!! Thank you so much for your Perfect Love! You do have a rare valuable legacy! Not that I'm giving you permission to die. But your music Walt is great. You are such a fine stylist!! I'm soo glad you are recording it and have sent tapes of your interviews and so forth. Your memoirs would make a best seller in these here librarys, you do realize Black Lit is big big big? And deservedly so there is some beautiful and enwisening lit out here." Debony Heart, Byteback Org. Washington, D.C. 1/5/03 "Wonderful. Each song is very different from your last CD. I keep it in my car." Shozou Kawanishi, Yamate Scales, Ashiya, Japan 1/6/03 "Received CD. It is beautiful. Remitted extra money through bank. Balance'd be for your daughter. Thanking you." T. Omura, Omura Real Estate, Fukuoka, Japan 1/25/03 "Thank you very much for the CD. It is excellent. I am impressed. And I appreciate you taking the time to send this to us." T. Jerome Helms, Beach Cities Financial Group. El Cajon, Ca. 2/16/03 "...instrumental cuts are especially nice." Re: Perfect Love, the song: "I REALLY like it, besides the lyrics (which are great) the music is so etherial with an oriental twist. I just keep listening over and over." D. Collette, Jefferson Health System, Phila. Pa. 1/31/02 Perfect Love, is sold out. There are no immediate plans for a re-release, however it is available on Amazon, iTunes, and of course CDBaby as an MP3 download.

Perfect Love - Walter Clark

Walter Clark: Perfect Love


Also, the 2011 CD, Best Thing to Come features some of the most requested songs from Perfect Love.